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Bushfire Season: Are You Prepared?

Are you ready? With Summer not far away, bushfire action month is underway.

Now is the perfect time to ensure your property is prepared.

Western Australia’s long, dry summers bring about extreme temperatures, creating a high risk of bushfires. There were over 230 bushfires in the South West Region last season. With potentially devastating consequences, those in high risk areas cannot afford to be complacent about bushfire safety.

One of the most common ways that people are alerted to a bushfire, is through friends, family and neighbours. Communities are encouraged to connect and prepare together, to discuss how you will prepare and the plan of action to take during a bushfire.

Most homes lost in bushfires are from ember attack, where burning embers are carried by strong winds landing on buildings, easily burnt items or vegetation close to the home.

To reduce the risk, the DFES recommends you walk around your property, and imagine a bushfire is coming.

  • Install firebreaks in accordance with your local fire break notice.
  • Look for items likely to burn, or places where embers could start a fire.
  • Install a mesh cover on your evaporative air conditioner, metal fly screens on your windows and vents to keep sparks and embers out.
  • Clear rubbish, vegetation, and prune the dead material from shrubs and trees within at least a 20 metre radius to create a circle of safety around your property.
  • Clean out gutters and remove debris from your roof.
  • Store firewood away from your building.
  • Ensure any gas bottles are secured and positioned to vent away from the property if they are affected by flames or radiant heat.
  • Have an emergency water supply that is independent of mains water supply.

Extreme risk areas are those properties within 100 metres of bush. The DFES recommends you have an emergency kit of essentials ready to go incase you are evacuated or cut off during a bushfire.

  • A radio
  • Torch
  • Spare batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Woollen blanket
  • Water
  • Non-perishable food.

Bushfires are unpredictable, flaring up suddenly, and without warning, and can rapidly spread or change direction.

They occur every summer in Western Australia. Now is the time to be safe, and be prepared.

There are number of community events being held for the upcoming bushfire season preparation, contact your local council for more information.

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